Why you should wear sun protective clothing every day!

The sun is amazing! Without it we would not be alive today, but it can also be very harmful to your skin. It is not only sunburns after long days in the sun that increase the risk of skin cancer, but everyday exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, as well as leathery skin, dark spots and wrinkles. Even a short walk to pick up the mail exposes you to harmful UV-radiation that can age your skin and be a major risk for skin cancer.

Because of this, wearing sun protective clothing (as well as sunscreen) every day is essential! Not only does sun protective clothing block harmful UV radiation, but it can also look great! Like this light-weight green hoodie and classic black pants.

How do you know how sun protecting clothing is?

You may wonder “is UPF clothing worth it?”, and the answer is simple, yes it is! There are multiple ways to determine how sun protective clothing is, darker clothes are often more protective than lighter clothing. Yet, the safest way to know for sure that your skin is protected is to buy UPF labeled clothing. UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, indicates just how much UV-radiation that reach your skin through the fabric, this includes both UVA and UVB rays. This mean that you are well protected from the sun. UPF clothing really is worth it. Using a UPF cap daily is a great way to protect your scalp and face, and can also be very stylish.

Is sun protective clothing better than sunscreen?

While SPF in sunscreen is based on the time it takes for UVA-rays to redden your skin, a UPF fabric indicates how much of both UVA and UVB-rays reaches your skin. A UPF 50 fabric only allows 2% of the UV radiation to reach your skin. This reduces your exposure significantly! Also, you do not need to re-apply every 2-3 hours, as you need to with sunscreen for it to work properly! But you should still use both UPF clothing and sunscreen to stay safe from the sun! A simple but beautiful UPF top, like this plain black long sleeve from Solbari, can help protect your skin throughout the whole day.

Sun protective clothing is the most effective way to protect your skin against sun damage and skin cancer! Stay safe from sun damage and skin cancer by using sun protective clothing daily, and especially while staying in the sun for long periods of time.