Best Sun Protective Long Sleeves for Women 2021

UPF 50+ Long Sleeves For Women 2021

What are the best sun protective long sleeves?

In this day and age, it’s often tricky to find the right information at the right time. We wanted to create an information hub where everyone both new and experienced could find the best sun protective clothing for everyday use.

To make this happen we used some of our favorites in addition to looking at:

  • Reviews from users, where it is often very clear whether or not the clothes are serving their UV-blocking purpose.
  • Price. Sun protecting clothes are often very expensive, and therefore we need to adjust for pricing to find the best sun protective clothing for your money.
  • Color variations, uniqueness and quality.

Here is the top list of the best sun protective long sleeves for 2021:

*This list is being updated throughout 2021

Hooded Long Sleeve:

First out is this beautiful hooded long sleeve. With 16 different color variants and 5 different sizes, this is a perfect long sleeve to add to your drawer and therefore one of our top rankings for sun protective long sleeves for women.

Love that it has a hoodie to keep sun off my face. I went up two sizes to be able to wear over clothing, Love the arm/finger holder to cover the tops of hands. very cool/comfortable in heat. I love not having to wear sunscreen everywhere and not reapplying!

Long Sleeve for Everyday Use:

Next up, a soft high-quality long sleeve UPF 50+. Comes in 14 colors perfect for a sunny day. Highly rated and verified by over 600 with 4.5 stars, great product for the price!

I enjoy the appearance, feel, color, comfort, versatility of use, and some freedom from putting on sun screen every few hours. I bought the Sun Protection shirt for kayaking but ended up wearing for a walk with a friend, running to the gym, and I am considering wearing to work on an informal day because the comfort and color.

Fleece Thermal Long Sleeve (warmer):

Skin-friendly and soft fabric offers smooth, low-friction performance, making it comfortable and convenient to wear. A warmer long sleeve that is perfect for colder temperatures. This stylish long sleeve is the perfect addition to your drawer!

Love this! Its so soft and cozy!!! My morning run today was in 40 degree weather, and this kept me warmer than expected. I still felt the cold, but i didnt feel like it was to my bones, ya know? I think I could fit a medium, but i bought a large bc i dont like super clingy shirts when I workout, and this one still gave a fitted appearance with lots of room for mobility.