Best Sun Shirts for Men 2021

Finding the best sun protective shirts can be tricky. There are various factors that should be considered, in addition to actually finding a shirt that looks and feels great.

Here at SunProtectionGuide, we use our experience with sun protective clothing, looking at reviews, quality, style, and pricing to determine some of the best UPF / SPF shirts for men.

Keep in mind that sun protection works best when the shirts cover as much of your skin as possible. Therefore, UV protective long sleeves are often the best option.

Here are our top long sleeves UV shirts for men, with and without hoodie:

Men’s Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirt: Lightweight UPF 50+ Sun Protection

A fantastic 100% polyester long sleeve for men. An all-around perfect long sleeve for UV protection and comfortability. Comes in many colors (darker colors are usually more sun protective) and sizes, so you will definitely find one that fits your style!

I bought this for my 50 yr old son who has a lawn service, and obviously, in the sun A LOT! I gave it to him yesterday. He was not particularly thrilled about the long sleeves but said he’d try it. He put it on and went about his work day. He texted me this morning asking me to order ANOTHER one! He normally wears an XL. I ordered a XXL. He liked the little bigger fit than normal making it easy to work in and no clinging. He liked the coolness…..better than sun hitting bare arms and no sunscreen. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Men’s Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt Long Sleeve: UPF 50+

A stylish UV long sleeve hoodie shirt for extra sun protection. The shirt has soft and ultralight fabric, keeping you comfortable and giving an airy feel during your summertime.