Best Sun Protective Long Sleeves for Men 2021

Sun Protective Long Sleeves for Men

What are the best sun protective long sleeves for Men?

In this day and age, it’s often tricky to find the right information at the right time. We wanted to create an information hub where everyone both new and experienced could find the best sun protective clothing for everyday use.

To make this happen we used some of our favorites in addition to looking at:

  • Reviews from users, where it is often very clear whether or not the clothes are serving their UV-blocking purpose.
  • Price. Sun protecting clothes are often very expensive, and therefore we need to adjust for pricing to find the best sun protective clothing for your money.
  • Color variations, size options, uniqueness, and quality.

Here is the top list of the best sun protective long sleeves for 2021:

*This list is being updated throughout 2021

UPF 50+ BALEAF Hooded Long Sleeve

First up is the BALEAF hooded long sleeve. One of the simplest long sleeves that offers full upper body protection with UPF 50+ hoodie. The long sleeve has 22 different color variations with 7 different size options, so you will definitely find a variant that fits your style!

Got one of these for my brother. He wears it all the time for fishing. The nice thing is it keeps him cool and at the same time protects him from the sun. He’s gotten fish guts on it and for some reason it always comes clean in the wash. Ordered another for my other brother who is very fair and sensitive to sun. Highly recommend these. Great price, too.

UPF 50+ BALEAF Long Sleeve without Hoodie

Runner up is also BALEAF and one could say this is one of the all-time favorite UV-protection long sleeves for men. With over 11k reviews and an average 4,7 rating, this is one of the essential long sleeve to add to your drawer. Also comes in 22 different colors and 7 sizes.

Bought to keep off the sun when working outside in strong sun and it seems to. I am larger than I would like to be around the waist and this fits loosely. I expected it to be too tight but it is exactly right. Cool when working, lets any breeze through. Long sleeves can be used to cover the hands and long in the body so no gap when bending.

Champion Long Sleeve for Everyday

This clean long sleeve is perfect for everyday usage. It offers good sun protection with 50+ UPF and is still lightweight and great for warmer temperatures.

I bought this to cut the grass. I have a little over 3 acres that I have to cut about every 8-10 days. My doctor said that I need to start wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants when in the sun from now on. I wanted something light and breathable for my shirt, and this is a perfect solution. It’s light enough that I hardly break a sweat, and when I do, the moisture on the fabric actually seems to cool me a little.