Best Sun Protecting Hats 2021

Best Sun Protecting Hats

Looking for UV-Protecting Hats?

During sunny times it’s easy to forget how exposed our heads are to the sun. And when we do remember it, it’s often just annoying and frustrating to get everything covered in sunscreen. Sometimes even impossible, especially when it comes to protecting our scalp. Even though it’s frustrating, it’s very important to not forget how much sun exposure the head gets, and sometimes wearing a UV-blocking hat could be an easy solution to a frustrating problem.

At sun protection guide we aim to help people find the resources needed to make great purchases. Using our experience with sun protective clothing, in addition to looking at reviews, quality, and pricing we believe we have found the best sun protection hats for 2021.

*The list is being updated throughout 2021

Sun Protecting Straw Fedora for Both Men and Women:

This beautiful hat is one of the top-ranking hats UPF50+. It comes in 11 variations and 3 sizes, so you will definitely find one that suits your style.

You get what you paid for! The quality is extraordinary compare to other amazon brand I bought. Even though it is couple dollar more expensive in price than others, I would definitely recommend it. It’s worth it. I like the design and detail. They have inner Velcro string that could tighten the hat to fit my size.
The package comes with two small metal pin. I had no idea how these pin work but soon I found out and looks great on my hat. Hopefully they come out more styles so I can personalize my hat more.

Summer Straw Hat UPF 61+ for Women:

The straw hat comes with a wide brim that offers UV Protection, which means the hats block harmful UV rays. A hat that is perfect for beach life, gardening, and being outdoor during sunny times.

I wasn’t expecting much from a $20 hat but the quality amazed me… it stays really nicely and looks expensive!! The quality is too notch and I’m so happy I got it!!

Full Protection Sun Hat:

Excellent value sun protection hat for higher protection. It covers most of your vulnerable areas while being light, flexible, and easy to wear. A must-needed hat during times with high sun exposure!

For $10 this hat is amazing. Most sun hats I have tried are of a heavier fabric making breathability difficult. This hat provides great coverage especially with good sunglasses AND you can actually wear the mask without fogging up your glasses. Just snap the front panels then pull the face mask out from below. So light you don’t think your wearing anything. If your top doesn’t already cover the back of your neck you may want to pin the back pieces together. Wore it for hiking and kayaking in the same weekend. A must have!